It’s finally here! Chateau 2.0!

After Chateau became more popular thanks to, there were many features available on that weren’t on the original stand-alone version of Chateau. This update meets almost every aspect on the’s version and even more.

People who have already purchased Chateau will receive Version 2.0 for free.
Version 2 is now $1.99.

2.0 Bug Fixes

  • Image Alignment (Left, right, center)
  • WordPress Gallery styles

2.0 Added Features

  • Light/Dark Theme
  • Accent Color
  • Widgets for Sidebar and Footer
  • Choose share items: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google+
  • 2 column or 1 column layout for Archive Pages
  • Select the amount of “previous articles” to show on the home page
  • Full-width page layout option
  • Sidebar positioning (left or right)
  • Header Menu now tolerates 2 levels of hierarchy.

Coming soon (on Version 3)

  • Internationalization (Chateau in your language)
  • Media queries for dynamic content

Bug Submition

Please report any bugs you find in this version to nacho[at]!

Special thanks

A special thank you to Juan Rossi (@juanrossi) my friend & co-worker for helping me out with some of the programming :)

Thank you again for your support :)